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Breaking the Cold Call Fear

James Savage

Breaking the Cold Call Fear

Does the term cold calling scare you? Does it make you cringe every time you are about to make a new call? If so then this article is for you! Just some small tips and thoughts about cold calling to help break through the fear.

First thing to know is the prospect you are calling is just like you, no matter if they are the CEO of Best Buy or the owner of Pop's Resale, they are human. Truth is they most likely won't yell at you, scream at you, or tell you no, in fact 95% of the time when you call you are going to their voice mail. This is when you get to leave a voice mail, not worry about the conversation, and inform them about what you have to offer.

Next is remember that you do cold interactions almost everyday. When you got the store, a networking event, job interview, etc. you are out there meeting people cold. Why is a phone different because you can't see their face? Lets change that! With the power of the internet and Linkedin. Look for the prospect on Linkedin, research them before you call, and look at their face when you are calling. This will give a sense of what they look like, who they are, and what they do. Also its a great ice breaker to build off common interest.

Finally the last tip of the day is that people want to know you, they just don't know it. Believe that and the calls become easier. Your thoughts go along way, if you believe in your product and service, then why not scream it from the roof tops. If you have the best thing since slice bread, then it should help push you to the tell the world.

Fear in cold calling is real, but remember its just a barrier for you to break through. It's all mental. You have something that no one else has and you can break through the walls, one call at a time. The more calls you make the easier it becomes. Smile, breath, and remember they are just like you!


Want More Deals, Make Some Calls

James Savage

Lately there has a lot of people hating cold calls going around, which is followed by why can't we get more leads? Well, there is a very easy answer to this, pick up the phone and start calling! Phone won't ring on it's on, if you make calls you are more likely to get more leads then by just sitting around and waiting.

Leads rarely will just come to you unless you are a very established product/service company that has a giant following (in the millions). Most small businesses which make up our world, are the ones who are in need of continue to build their pipelines. If you don't have a strong pipeline chances are you won't grow. Yes you can do social media, networking, mailers, etc. but ignoring the calls is going to hurt you in the short and long run.

Did you know if you make just ten calls a day, you are going to get at least three type of responses out of prospects. First being they aren't interest and here is why (if you ask why). Second is they are interest but not at the time, try back in X amount of weeks or month. Finally, they are interested in learning more about your company and either want to see some information or meet face to face or both. That should be the goal every day.

Doesn't sound that hard right? Just ten calls a day, get some calls out and start building those relationships. People are more likely to pick up the phone then find you on social media or open your e-mail. Why you ask? Easy, because there are less calls going out right now and more e-mails and online marketing then ever before. If you want to get your competitors prospects, then you better start calling.

More calls you make the more conversation you have, the more conversations you have the more proposals you have. More proposals equals a bigger pipeline, with a bigger pipeline comes more deals. Keep feeding that pipeline so you can continue to feed your company and yourself. Just remember 10 calls at the least a day!