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A $100,000 reason (and more) to network professionally on LinkedIn

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A $100,000 reason (and more) to network professionally on LinkedIn

James Savage

A $100,000 reason (and more) to network professionally on LinkedIn

The days we could create a LinkedIn profile and let it linger while passively participating are over. That is, if you want to stay on top of your career and continue increasing your income or growing your business. Networking professionally on LinkedIn increases our ability to earn $100,000 and more.  

Here’s 3 reasons to get LinkedIn, literally:

·       Network professionally

·       Learn, mentor, and innovate

·       $100,000+ Success

#1: Network professionally

Is “networking” a dirty word to you?  It used to be for me.  I’d have willingly agreed to working 80+ hours in one week if it got me out of a networking event or meant I didn’t have to reach out to strangers online.  However, I have been transformed.  Why?  I got educated and I started working in a field more suited to me.  This means if you’re doing what you love networking becomes fun!  That’s right, I said FUN because talking about what you love is exciting and so much easier than talking about a job you hate but pretend not to.

Furthermore, if you aren’t doing what you love yet, networking is an important step to get you there. Take this message from Forbes for example “70 million people will not be in a job (up from around 40 million today) by 2020. Going freelance will be the dominant experience.”   This means the sooner you hone your natural talents and start professionally networking the more likely you’ll keep the cash coming in.

#2: Learn, mentor, and innovate

It’s true, if we don’t grow, we perish.  Getting connected on LinkedIn, joining groups that interest you and engaging with them will teach you things you never knew you never knew. Not only this but you can earn some feel good points by mentoring others as well. Another benefit is it sparks your imagination causing innovation and sometimes partnerships!  These perks can eventually add zeroes to your paycheck.  Of course, you must put in the time and effort and bring value to others before you can expect anything in return, as for anything in life.

#3: $100,000+ Success

In a Forbes article from 2017, you’re 86% more likely to find a $100,000 paying job on LinkedIn. Also, according to the 2016 Millionaire Investor, 40% of millionaires are on LinkedIn.  This means whether you want to grow your own business or you’re just keeping an eye out for opportunities this is where you’ll gain professional credence and rub elbows with people who can play key parts in your success.  Just look at all these success stories if you need more convincing!

If you’re convinced and ready to link in its time you grow your connections.  Every 1st degree connection increases your 2nd and 3rd degree connections and this spells exposure!  However, it can be overwhelming at first so a great way to get started is by using a well-known connector, like James Savage.  James is an expert at growing his client’s connections and initiating the introductions so you don’t have to!