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How Cold Calling Can Get You Out of a Sales Funk

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How Cold Calling Can Get You Out of a Sales Funk

James Savage


It's that time a year when it can seems the days are getting shorter and the sales are getting slower. Many times, I get asked, "How do I get out of this sales funk?" Answer is not always easy, but it comes down to picking up the phone, delivering a new message, and continue the push through prospecting. Today, lets discuss how the calls can break that funk.

First off if you are slow and can't seem to get into a grove with sales, then have some fun with the phone! It's time to write up three value props about your company and services. Next build a list of prospects (target market and decision makers), and finally start making the calls with the help of your CRM (Customer Response Management).

Every day for at least one hour you have to make the calls and put the notes and task into the CRM. Every time you call a prospect use a new value prop, that way you can see which pings the best and gets the response you want. This way, you continue to do it day in and day out, you build that relationship with the prospects, and once they are ready to meet they are more likely to sign up.

When you get someone on the phone live, remember don't sell them, talk to them, understand them, listen to them, and most importantly peat and repeat. Once they tell you what they need, setup that time to meet and then go out there learn more.

When you have them in person, talk to them, understand them, get to know them, and make sure you trust each other. Only pitch what they are asking for, don't up sell yet, just listen to the feedback and find that fit. Tell them you want to send over a proposal and meet again sometime next week to discuss in person more.

That's how you fill the pipeline. Don't book a meeting for a meeting sake, because 30 meetings in a week that look like nothing on paper pulls you away from the 4-5 strong meetings that can be deals. As you get more and more of these types of meetings your pipeline will grow and slowly but surely it will start cashing in.

Remember the trick is to get the right prospects in and the right sales in. Don't just go for homeruns, cause they are fast and gone with in minutes. Go for the long term business relationship deals. Keep calling, every day for at least an hour, don't quit on that because you will lose steam. Find the way, and you can do it!