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Direct Response Marketing with cold calling campaigns and business development.

Stop the Fear, Pick Up the Phone, and Book the Meetings

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Stop the Fear, Pick Up the Phone, and Book the Meetings

James Savage

You heard it from your boss, coworkers, and friends in sales, that you have to make cold calls. Bet that thought frightens you and its always scary to make the days first call. Lets talk today on how to break the fear, get the results, and make your job more fun. Lets be honest cold calling should be fun and a treasure hunt, lets find that treasure today!

First things to know is that the other person on the other line most likely won't be upset with you. Chances are if you call all day, no one will hang up on you, no one will call you names, and you will be fine. Also if you are just starting on the calls with new prospects nine times out of ten they are going straight to voice mail. This is perfect, this is where you get to leave a thirty second message about setting up a time to talk with the prospect about both your companies. This is also a great way to practice how you sound.

Next, research the prospect before you call. You clearly have Linkedin, now go search he or she on Linkedin and read about them. Understand who they are, maybe send them a message first, but research them. This way when they do get on the phone, you can find the things and common to talk about with them.

Third, do not get on the call looking to make a sale, never do that. First off that is too much pressure on you and the prospect. Second, the calls aren't about selling, but starting that relationship up. Remember people buy from people they know and trust. When you are on the call, if you aim to get the face to face meeting with information on why they want to meet, then you are on the right path.

Finally, don't read into the hype that cold calling is dead, it cost to much money, it takes to much time. Honestly, everything in marketing and sales takes a long time! You don't want to rush sales, instead you want to build long term relationships with your prospects to ensure that the deals will last for months or years. Always build towards a friendship and long term sale, not the hail mary pass.

Good luck out there, start treasure hunting, don't fear what is the unknown. Have some fun, make some calls, book some meetings, and grab some long term deals! Ever need advice always reach out to me over here at Savage Demand.